Easter Gift Ideas

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Let's face it: Thinking up Easter gift ideas for children is easy. But your teenage niece, college-aged grandchild, or a good friend? That's a bit tricky.

After all, easter bunny chocolates, chocolate egg hunts, and stuffed animals aren't really what older children and adults expect. And the same old Easter goodies and gag gifts can be fun, but you start looking for a unique Easter gift. Something more meaningful that reflects the reason for the season.

If you want to give your loved ones and older kids something more long-lasting than a chocolate egg or Easter candy, we have you covered.

6 Easter Gift Ideas for Teenagers and Up

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Teenagers, older kids, and young adults may celebrate Easter, but what they consider to be Easter goodies differs significantly from the younger kids. Some may be devoted to their faith, while others are still struggling. Either way, there's a gift for every loved one, no matter where they are in their spiritual journey.

1. The Classic Cross

You can't really go wrong with a cross. As a symbol of love, redemption, and self-sacrifice, the classic cross can be worn as earrings, a charm, or a necklace. And while it may seem like crosses are simple pieces of jewelry, there are several styles to choose from - from traditional filagree to thematic and modern cross pendants.

2. Saint Medals

A common source for solace, saint medals remind us that we always have support through Christ and his disciples. Saint medals, in particular, can be a rather fun gift idea. Saint preferences are incredibly personalized, whether someone has a confirmation saint, a family saint, or a personal one.

3. Rosaries

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After a long Lent, what better way is there to celebrate than to give your loved one a new rosary? Not only does a beautifully hand-crafted rosary look stunning, but they are extremely useful. It's a gift that your loved one can use during times of trouble or meditation.

4. Scripture Pendant

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Connecting with the Good Book can bring support, joy, and grace into your tween and older kids' lives. Giving an artistically styled Bible pendant or even jewelry with a Scripture verse can remind your loved one of their faith and family.

5. Charm Bracelets

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The perfect gift for a tween girl? Forget the personalized easter basket and consider giving them an elegant, handmade charm bracelet. It's fun, light, and full of beautiful reminders of the faith.

6. Guardian Angel Necklace

Some older kids don't like to be associated as directly with their faith - even if they still believe. It's a normal phase kids go through. If your kids or adult children prefer something more subtle than a cross or saint medal, they may still appreciate a guardian angel necklace to remind them that they are loved and protected.

Rejoice with Gloria Jewels

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As a family-owned business crafting jewelry in the Holy Land, we know how beautiful it can be to celebrate the Resurrection with friends and family. And how a thoughtful, faith-based Easter gift can bring family members together. The good news is that finding the perfect Easter gift for your loved one is easier than ever when you shop with Gloria Jewels.