World's Finest Maker of
Inspirational Jewelry

Handmade in The Holy Land Since 1936

Finest Jewelry

Gloria's Mission; be the leading choice of faith-inspired jewelry, globally.
Cater to a customer who understands; this is not "fast fashion", we do things the right way for the right reasons in the right locations.
Masters of our craft, crafting for our customer family.

The Holy Land Hands

In a time where everything seems rushed, fast fashion - quality diminishing. We opted to honor our legacy, a tradition of jewelry making using only precious metals, using time tested techniques in safe, respectable facilities where workers are supported in European-tier working environments.
We choose to make jewelry the right way, your jewelry the right way.


everyday jewelry

Jewelry is a personal choice and a personal memento, worn against the skin, often for all to see. Feel confident and proud displaying your Gloria, your piece has been crafted using upcycled precious metals only (not first mining)
-18k Gold or Sterling Silver Only
- Made to wear and wear well, everyday.

3 generations of jewelers

Pictured: Tsolag & Alberto Momjian, carrying their father & grandfather's torch, respectively.

Maybe you are asking; if GJ is 85 years old, how have I never heard of them? Good Question!
We want to be transparent, the majority of our legacy has been manufacturing for resellers. We decided to change that, you found us during our own renaissance, 85 years in the making.
-will you join us?

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